Blog Post 4: The Value of a Mathematician

The Value of a Mathematician

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Often big businesses hire people that have degrees in a particular field for a particular job they need to fill. This would work perfectly well if not for one thing: stuff always changes. Whether it be that a number needs a crunch, a process changes, a door falls off of its hinges, or any other problem that could be solved with logical thought--a mathematician is what you need.

Well for starters: Math graduates tend to be good at all sorts of calculations and manipulating equations. Also they know how to apply them to many sorts of problems. This is incredibly useful if for example you are a business owner and need someone to calculate the radius of a circle given a chord length and height from midpoint of the chord to the circumference. It's a lot easier to ask the guy already working for you than to attempt to tackle an otherwise difficult problem on your own. Thus businesses should hire mathematicians to save themselves an algebraic nightmare.

Another reason Math graduates are valuable to businesses is that they are open to new methods and strategies. After struggling through all sorts of challenging proofs, they are ready to adapt their thinking. Proofs about abstract number theory challenge math majors to find a different way to problem solve than they have ever seen before. This has taught them to readily change their thought processes and be open to new ideas. This is applicable to businesses, because they often morph their production strategies and research methods to remain on par with their competition. If one's workers are ready for the upcoming changes, it puts one leaps ahead of the competitors.

Next, Math graduates are master problem solvers--no matter the situation. If a person is at work and the door falls off of the hinges, they might fret and call someone to fix it. If a mathematician is in the house, they might think about how they could put the door back in place and then proceed to fix the door (true story). This is just one example of an unusual problem that can be fixed by hiring a math major. If a business hires a Math Graduate for a particular position, they also get someone who fixes an unusually wide array of problems.

Math graduates also are valuable when it comes to presenting information. Their never ending proof writing has also taught them how to put their concise thoughts on paper. Proofs teach math majors to lay out only the most bare bones argument that still communicates their idea. This again helps businesses operate more efficiently and gives them an edge over their rivals.

These are just a few of the reasons why any business would benefit from hiring a Math graduate.

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  1. Maybe this was a joke? 'need someone to calculate the radius of a circle given a chord length and height from midpoint of the chord to the circumference.' But it sounds like what people think to start out about math majors. Why does someone trained on chords have anything to say about a business? I like your communication point best. I might emphasize concise less and powerful reasoning and convincing argument more. Also, math majors communicate in diagrams. I suggested on another of these to consider including collaboration, too. It might be something business owners don't know about us.

    C's: 5/5


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